Why Interior Designers make the best Real Estate Agents


We believe that interior designers make the very best real estate agents. Obviously, we are biased in this. However, we’re going to back that bold statement up with some compelling points to make up for it!

How does interior design relate to real estate?

First of all, how does interior design relate to real estate? Well, one could argue that in many ways, interior design is real estate.

You see, ugly properties do not sell. Sure, occasionally somebody will come along and renovate the place themselves and turn it for a profit. However, for those who want to find a new home that is already looking its best (or to see its true potential), then interior designers have a good eye for it.

Certainly, many real estate agents dabble with it when they stage homes for a viewing. However, without understanding the ins and outs of interior design, others lack a certain vision, one that comes in tremendously handy when dealing in the opulent property market in Thailand. 

Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.”

Paul Rand

Can interior designers work in real estate?

Can interior designers work in real estate? Absolutely. Just as a chauffeur could learn to drive a tank; better and with a little pizazz.

Joking aside, it’s a natural transition from interior design to real estate. In fact, it’s not uncommon for real estate agents to hire interior designers when showcasing their biggest properties—because they need their expertise.

Interior designers are, by their very nature, obsessed with all things architecture, design, and of course, feng-shui. Just as a passionate chef loves it when people enjoy their food, an interior designer takes great pride in turning properties into desirable homes.

This level of commitment is what makes interior designers excellent real estate agents.

Why interior designers make the best real estate agents

  • Two trades are better than one: having extensive knowledge in both areas doesn’t hurt.
  • They bring the vision: You may find the perfect home in the perfect location, but struggle to get past the existing interior features, thus resulting in you passing up the property and moving on. An interior designer will help you to see beyond the dated or drab décor and understand the properties true potential—so you don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime!
  • Preparation for market: Interior designers as real estate agents are well-versed in preparing properties for sale and effortlessly showcasing their most desirable interior features.

The thing is, anybody who gets into real estate develops a natural interest in, or respect for interior design. It’s almost impossible not to. However, starting off with a career in interior design and then discovering real estate certainly has its advantages. Just take a look at this property where we brought the clients vision to life.

Kraam Sukhumvit 26

2 BED|2 BATH|109 SQM
THB 33,600,000
View Details

What makes an interior designer successful?

Everything. Certainly, you can be a successful interior designer without even having to undergo any exams or certification, however, it always pays to delve as deep into the profession as possible in order to unearth your true potential.

That said, the qualities that every successful interior designer has are as follows:

  • Excellent technical skills
  • Keen perception
  • A passion for art and other creative pursuits
  • Tenacity in presenting bold ideas and visualisations
  • A master of colour and lighting
  • Strong communication skills for coordinating with project managers
  • Have a natural understanding of space and how to best use certain features in a home
  • And just like every other pursuit, success in interior design requires unrelenting dedication

Why interior design is essential when listing your home

Why is interior design essential when listing your home? Well, here’s the thing. It isn’t essential. You can in fact list a property as it is, and you might just get your asking price.

With an interior designer on your side, however, you can increase not only your resale value but the overall ‘buyability’ of the property as well.

  • Quality interior design generates traffic = more eyes on your property
  • It defines purpose = show potential buyers your property through your eyes, along with all of its potential
  • A fresh approach can’t hurt = if you’ve been struggling to sell a property of yours, it might be worth asking an interior designer to come and have a look, just in case
  • Add value = there is yet more value in your property to be unearthed

Does interior design increase home value?

Does interior design increase home value? Absolutely. Although the fact that high-quality interior design can increase resale value isn’t the most obvious or well-known benefit. But it does indeed. You see, by having a visually pleasing home, not only does the value go up, but the number of potential buyers interested in it as well. In essence, the more eyes on your home, and the longer they linger, the better.

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