Luxury Private Residences

The benefits of buying a re-sale luxury property:

Older properties often have more space and quality. Consistently, the price is lower and the value is unquestionable.

A re-sale luxury property is generally a great buy, as they have been previously lived in and so have been well cared for. Thailand has some homes from the 1960s that are of a very high quality as many builders used traditional techniques and materials during those times. In addition to this, private luxury homes also come with the added benefit of larger land areas for you to make use of.

What Clients say

Overview on Bangkok Luxury Property Investments

In the past few years, Bangkok has been a hotspot for international luxury property investment. In the last 2 years alone, there have been many new developments that have increased the supply of luxury homes in Bangkok by about 20%. The growth in demand for housing units is met by this growth in supply and thereby ensuring a steady growth in prices. The reasons for this growth are varied and not limited to the simple fact that Thailand is a key hub for air travel in Asia.

Bangkok also offers a lifestyle to suit every taste with an interesting mix of modern architecture and charming old-world charm.

All it takes is one visit to feel the sense of pride that permeates from its local people as they speak their language with grace and sophistication. Bangkok is truly an international city that offers opportunities for business, education, entertainment, spirituality and relaxation.

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